March Madness 3v3 Basketball Tournament

In the spirit of March Madness, the BCS is excited to host their very own 3v3 Basketball Tournament starting on Friday, March 30th! Players will be allowed to form entirely custom teams (optional intro songs included) through our Discord once you have signed up. The sign-ups for this tournament will close on March 28th, so spread the word to all your friends and join soon! We'll see you there on our server!

Blockland Community of Sports

The BCS was created in order to further the reach of sports in the Blockland community. We try to keep our server up almost 24/7, available for all people to come on and practice. (Games are more generally hosted at night or on the weekends). We enjoy hosting a plethora of different sports on the server, and always enjoy new players coming on to experience the wide world of Blockland sports.

As well as hosting a server for the community, the BCS also owns a discord server as an outlet for all of our community members to talk to each other. We have different rooms for real-life sports discussions, we often broadcast major sports events or even sometimes movies on our room, and the discord is generally where we organize our games and events, so if you want to be at all involved in the BCS, we highly recommend you join our discord!